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The forms provided herein are for our visitors’ convenience and are general enough to fit most normal situations. However, they should be used only with your own independent legal and financial counsel, especially if you have special circumstances. Design Escrow makes no representations and/or warranties as to the form provided and the suitability for your intended use. DEED – to transfer ownership of real estate property Grant Deed (PDF form) Quitclaim Deed (PDF form) DEED OF TRUST - to secure a loan on the property Deed of Trust – Short form (PDF form) HOMESTEAD – to protect part of equity of principal residence from creditors Abandonment of Homestead (PDF form) Declaration of Homestead (PDF form) NOTARY – forms for Notary Public’s use Notary Acknowledgement (PDF form) Notary Jurat (PDF form) NOTE – to describe the payment of a loan (use with Deed of Trust form) Installment Note (PDF form) Straight Note (PDF form) PRELIMINARY CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP REPORT – to attach to Deed forms PCOR (PDF form) POWER OF ATTORNEY – giving the right to another person to sign on your behalf Power of Attorney – General (PDF form) Power of Attorney – Special (PDF form) Power of Attorney – Revocation of (PDF form) SUBSTITUTION OF TRUSTEE AND DEED OF RECONVEYANCE – to acknowledge that a loan on a property has been paid in full Substitution of Trustee and Deed of Reconveyance (PDF form) TRUST CERTIFICATION – to provide to Escrow, Title, Lender, or other third party Trust Certification – Under Probate Code (PDF