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Escrows handled efficiently, with integrity & a personal touch... Since 1991
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Alexis started her career in escrow in Arcadia in 1987, and has been with design escrow since 1993.  In 2007, she became co-owner, along with Kay Gass.   She is dedicated to doing quality work and superior customer service.
Alexis Ostensen (Owner & Escrow Officer) 626-445-6137 Ext. 229
Suzie Archuleta (Escrow Processor) 626-445-6137 Ext. 228
Suzie Archuleta has been a Design Escrow associate for 16years and has been in the escrow industry for 22 years.  Her attention to detail and desire to provide the best customer service possible has always been her top priority. JoJo Ong has been with Design Escrow for 9 years as an integral part of Alexis’s unit.  One of the assets she brings to the unit and office is her ability to speak Mandarin.
JoJo Ong (Escrow Processor) 626-445-6137 Ext. 225
Alexis’ Unit
Yolanda’s Unit
Yolanda Vidales (Escrow Officer) 626-445-6137 Ext. 230
Yolanda Vidales has been with Design Escrow Team for over 5 years. She speaks Spanish fluently, and has over 19 years of escrow industry experience with independent escrow companies and title companies in the San Gabriel Valley area. Kay Gass had a passion for quality and the importance of ethics; so she co-founded Design Escrow in 1991.  Kay is a hands on escrow officer.  Her team, Kai Wu, Luly Goodman and Julie Nguyen are very much a part in the success of Design Escrow.
Kay Gass (Owner & Senior Escrow Officer) 626-445-6137 Ext. 226
Kay’s Unit
Jackie Ramos (Escrow Processor) 626-445-6137 Ext. 239
Jackie Ramos has been working with Design Escrow for the past 9 years. When not at work she loves to travel and seek her next adventure.
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Back to top Terri has been with Design Escrow since 2002 and an Escrow Officer for over 35 years. She’s a huge asset to the Design Escrow team; she has earned the respect of her peers and clients for her dedication, vast knowledge and excellent customer service.
Terri Fabbri (Certified Senior Escrow Officer) 626-445-6137 Ext. 224
Terri’s Unit
JoAnn Callas (Escrow Processor) 626-445-6137 Ext. 222
Shelley Malicek (Senior Escrow Officer) 626-445-6137 Ext. 231
Having been an Escrow Officer for over 25 years, Shelley has also been in Escrow Management with Independent and Title Company escrows.  Excellent customer service and the desire make every transaction the best it can be.
Shelley’s Unit
JoAnn Callas (Escrow Processor)  626-445-6137 Ext. 222
Front Desk
Sarah Beth Betebenner  626-445-6137 Ext. 221
Krista Brazzill - (Administration)  626-445-6137 Ext. 303